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We have been importing from Spain since 2013 and have built an array of relationships with producers across the Iberian peninsula, from Galicia to Murcia, to Cataluña and the Balearics, incorporating long established bodegas, through to up and coming winemakers with tiny productions working out of a garage wineries. Our range is diverse, we work closely with our producers and visit Spain every year, travelling thousands of kilometres, catching up with old friends, tasting new vintages and wines, discovering new producers, and attending trade fairs to keep abreast of the latest developments.

February 2013

Barrica Wines

Barrica Wines Started in 2013 one year after Bar Tapavino in Sydney opened in 2012 to primarily service the venue, and over time has grown into the largest importer of Spanish beverages into Australia.

Who we are


We are a small family owned business that believes passionately in the product we bring to the market, often working with producers since our very inception. We personally source every bottle of wine, vermouth, beer and spirits in our range. We are big enough to offer a dynamic array of products with everything Spain has to offer, but small enough to provide very hands on personal service tailored to our customers needs


Spain emerged from a very politically insular period in the late 20thcentury, one of the world’s largest producers of wine had lost most of it access to the international market outside of the handful of larger regions like Rioja. Connecting with its roots and rediscovering its indigenous varieties, Spain’s enormously diverse wine production is still criminally slept on in Australia, it’s our vision to change that.


Spain’s wine scene has gone through decades of reinvigoration since the late 1980’s, with many new regions emerging and countless winemakers reviving Spain’s treasure trove of indigenous varieties. We tirelessly source the best the country has to offer to bring it to the Australian market, and showcase what a wine powerhouse Spain deserves to be.

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We are constantly adding new products to our catalogue, that's why we highly recommend to keep an eye on the website to keep an eye on the new incorporations and upcoming products. But here is a Downloadable copy for you in case you want to keep it: Download PDF catalogue*

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If you are a business looking to incorporate some special wines to your wine list, or you have a special request for some wines you are looking and would like us to import, send us a message through the form or send us an email at: sales@barricawines.com.au