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Wine Is Social
V de Vendimia
Are you V?
There is the idea in the common imagination that knowing about wines is complicated and that wine is only available to a few. To the question of what wine do you like?… How many times have you heard the answer “I'm not a wine expert but I like wine”?
Well, V (from Vendimia) has come to claim that wine is to enjoy and that you don't have to be an expert to enjoy it.
V has come to claim that knowing about wines does not have to be complicated. V has come to put an end once and for all with the elitist language that has separated people from wine. Wine is enjoying!
V has come to remember that taste is personal and we do not have to agree on what we like the most
V has come to claim that the most expensive is not always the best
V has come to claim that wine is social and is enjoyed more when it is shared
At Wineissocial we have been sharing this philosophy with hundreds of thousands of consumers for some time. Month by month, bottle by bottle, our clients have enjoyed discovering and learning about wines with our sommeliers. Now we have decided to expand this philosophy and put all our knowledge - open - on this blog.
V de Vendimia has come to stay! And we know that you are V. Will you wear the mask when I touch you?


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