Queen of Bobal

Queen of Bobal

"Queen of Bobal"

ALTO LANDON - Mancheula Spain - Wine Maker - Rosalia Molina

In 1999 Rosalía planted her first vines around the village of Landete, the winery was built in the next year, and in 2004 released the first wine under the label Altolandon, their wines are released under the appellation of D.O. Manchuela.


Planted on a plateau almost completely surrounded by mountains, Altolandon has some of the highest vineyards in Spain at 1050m above sea level. Altolandon’s vineyards are certified organic as are many of their wines, which are low in added sulphur and in 2015 they received official vegan wine certification.


Rosalía makes wines, aided by the altitude of the vineyards, that show precision, delicacy and intense aromatic freshness from chardonnay, petit manseng (very rare for the area) and bobal amongst many others.



Mil Historias de Altolandon is produced from Bobal, a variety found primarily in the south east interior of Spain, it is a grape variety that has had a very chequered history.

Due to its disease and drought resistance coupled with its ability to crop at very high volumes, it was long used to make cheap bulk wine. However winemakers with vision and a fondness for what the variety can actually achieve when properly managed and yields kept low, have shown the wine drinking public that it can make sensational wine in the right hands.

Mil Historias de Altolandon (Thousand Stories of Altolandon) is certified organic, low added sulphur and vegan. The altitude helps produce a wine of elegance and poise, supple blackberry and cassis complement elegant herbs and understated mineral and smoke notes.

Exclusively imported to Australia by Barrica Wines